Diane Wikse

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It has been my honor and privilege to serve as director here at FUMC Preschool since July 2006. Our Preschool Office is surrounded by the Play Yard, and so I get to participate in (and hear!) lots of interesting conversations and interactions all throughout my days here.

Before I came to FUMC I worked as a child development consultant with other child care programs and directed a new parents' program. I performed developmental screenings and made referrals. [If you ever have questions about a child's development, please ask!] And I designed and led developmental play programs using music and movement for young children in child care programs and in parent-child groups. My first job after Graduate School (M.Ed., Erikson Institute, Chicago) was as a "developmental play specialist." That's really how I continue to see myself-as focused on development and play. I hope you'll see we try to create a space and program where our children can develop all their skills through their rich play experiences here.

I grew up in the United Methodist Church as a "P.K." (Preacher's Kid), so I feel very much at home here. It's nice to be able to integrate my work with children and families within a United Methodist church community-especially one where the members have opened their doors to the wider community in order to support families with young children.

I like to ride my bike to work several days a week and I am learning how to play the classical guitar. My husband, Jack, is a political science professor and our daughter has just recently become a teacher!


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