What's Happening

There are lots of ways to find out what is happening at our church.

If you look to the left, to the menu for this part of the web site, you will see right away two sources that will help you. 

First is the News & Events listing.  We include here a listing of future events and current news.  You can click on the title of any item on the listing to see more about that item.

Second is the Calendar, in the top menu bar.  This is the master calendar for the church.  It shows you what events are scheduled at the church, including date, time, and location.  If you want to schedule an event, you can request a schedule signon, and you can then request that your event be scheduled.  Our crack administrator will quickly respond to you about scheduling it.

If you prefer to use a form to request an event be scheduled, you can fill one out here online, or get a paper form at the church office.

The Roseleaf is our monthly newsletter, and you can find the current issue and several years of back issues, for your reading enjoyment.  If you would like to receive either an electronic or paper copy of the Roseleaf, use the Roseleaf Subscription links on the left side of this page to make (or change) your request.

We keep minutes of many of our commissions and teams right here, too, so if you'd like to see what is happening, check them out.  Of course, the meetings are much more fun in person, so drop in as well.