United Methodist Women (UMW) 2018

Who Are United Methodist Women (UMW) ???
The United Methodist Women are a group of women who have pledged to be in Mission with women & children around the world.  We support each other with prayer, friendship & fellowship and work to support projects locally, nationally and globally that work to better the lives of women &  children.
Our unit of UMW has 5 fellowship groups called Circles that meet monthly for fellowship and an educational program.  In addition we sponsor church wide programs such as World Day of Prayer, prayer workshops, mission studies, fellowship events and our Christmas potluck.  We have 3 fundraisers each year Spring Fling, a Fijiian Luau or event, and our annual Snowflake Bazaar which raise funds and supplement our pledges to support our budget of over $15,000.  Most of this goes to others.  Look on our bulletin board to see where the money goes.
We invite all of you to join a circle, attend and event or just keep our work in your prayers.  Join us at a Board Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to see what plans are developing and how you can take part.  Below is a list of our officers for 2018:

Pastors: Blake Busick, Lindsey Kerr, Sekove Veisa               

 President: Mere Ponijiasi                          

 Vice President: Nancy Messinger

 Secretary: Charlene Simons     

 Treasurer: Peg Ferrel

 Spiritual Growth: Mere Nabou

Social Action: Barbara Wofford

Education/ Interpretation: Lucinda Brashares

Membership, Nurture & Outreach: Nadine Amoss

Program Resources: Judy Finley

 Publicity:  Su Rood Cox

Chair Committee on Nominations: Diane Jackson


Appointed Leaders:

World Day of Prayer: Mere Nabou

Snowflake Bazaar Chairpersons: Peg Ferrel & Diane Jackson

Sunshine: Sophia Williams


 Circle Chairpersons:

Anna – Jane Hollar

Mary’s Friendship – Carol Lindstadt

Naomi – Dian Jorgensen

Ruth – Claudia Ward

Fijian Language Ministry – Laijipa Ratamuri