Stony Point Campus Study Group, March 27, 2017

Stony Point Campus Study Group

Monday, March 27, 2017 – 5:30 p.m.

Carriage House, Montgomery Campus


Meeting Notes

  1. Opening Prayer and Welcome – Bill Stephens* opened the meeting with prayer and welcomed the group. Attendees: Pastor Blake Busick, John De Groot, Pamala Stephens, Jim Hurd*, Heather Young, Emily Rainsford*, Coral Saxe, Mary Brunet, Pastor Lindsey Kerr, Paul O’Rear*, Bill Dornbush, Jennifer Dornbush, Greg Roth, Paula Peterson, Norm Bryan. Note: * Denotes Committee Member
  1. Brief Updates on Current Issues and Requests:

         FISH Site Feasibility – Paul O’Rear provided some background to this issue to our visitors. FISH would like a permanent home at Stony Point. FISH has developed a task force for this purpose and their intent is to bring a proposal to our committee in the future.

  1. Homeless Ministries Task Force – Bill Dornbush stated that there has been a pause in the work on a possible camp site at the Stony Point Campus due to a presentation by a consultant to the City of Santa Rosa who stated that he preferred the Housing First model.  Despite this opinion, the effort to develop a small community of short term housing is continuing. Another option is the development of low-income permanent housing at Stony Point.
  2. Proposal from Boy’s and Girl’s Club – Mary Brunet and Emily Rainsford have met with the B&G Club representatives. Mary stated that the representatives presented a good program, with Phase 1 being a summer program that would begin in June. Phase 2 would expand the effort to an after school program, contingent on the Club receiving a grant for this effort.
  3. Ideas for Outdoor Worship – Paula Peterson presented an idea for the development of a labyrinth at Stony Point, just east of the worship center.  Her concept may include a water feature. She also suggested basketball hoops for the site, as well as permanent seating outside off the patio area.  Pastor Blake suggested that these ideas be presented to the Trustees for future consideration.
  4. Ideas from Stony Point Leadership Team – Coral Saxe stated that the congregation continues to have “spark”, but is in need of revitalization. Coral has gathered a small leadership team from the Stony Point congregation with the intent to meet monthly with the goal of developing strong leadership, then moving from the initial core team to develop ideas, and ultimately shift to worship as a lifestyle.


  1. Church Council Task Force – Church Assets – Greg Roth reported on the work of the “Asset Task Force”. The goal is to examine our real estate assets for revenue enhancement and the improvement of our financial picture. He suggested that representatives from the SPCSG, Trustees, and Homeless Ministries Task Force would be a good addition to the effort. Some areas of examination are the development or sale of real estate to enable FUMC to pay off the mortgage. The Asset Task Force will be reporting on their work at the May Church Council meeting.
  2. Inquiries from Development Interests – Pastor Blake reported on the unsolicited interest of two separate developers to form partnerships with FUMC to create low-income housing at Stony Point. Pastor Blake stated that both discussed a wide variety of strategies, both financially and operationally. One idea was to set up a non-profit to develop and operate the projects. Paul O’Rear pointed out that he was not aware of any past interests by potential developers, but now we have had two. Mary Brunet suggested that money available, local political will, and the housing shortage were likely factors. Paul suggested that a likely path forward would be to have a meeting with John Lowery, retired from Burbank Housing. Paul also estimated two years to break ground and four years to realize a positive cash flow. Jennifer Dornbush suggested that perhaps a partner could pay off our loan at groundbreaking. Mary stated that we need to have a time-line and a long range plan. John De Groot was in favor of talking with John Lowery, and perhaps another developer to get a second idea.
  3. Proposed Update of Stony Point Campus Conceptual Master Plan – Bill Stephens suggested that it is too soon to do a formal update of the Master Plan. Paul and Norm Bryan stated that we need to let FISH know about our possibilities as soon as possible. Pastor Lindsey said that we need to move forward deliberately, intentionally, and prayerfully. It was also suggested that we overlay the current Master Plan with the new ideas as they are developed
  4. Next Meeting Agenda Items
  5. Closing Prayer – Pastor Lindsey closed the meeting with prayer.

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Mon, 03/27/2017 - 17:30