Stony Point Campus Study Group

Stony Point Campus Study Group

Bill Stephens, Lay Leader

 A study group of five has been asked to evaluate current and potential future uses of the Stony Point Campus property in order to ensure that any development or new use of the property will be consistent with both the needs of our Church, and, where possible, serve the surrounding community in a manner that is aligned with the mission of our Church.  The study group will not be making any decisions regarding the future of the campus, but will work to develop background information that can be used to aid in future decisions made by the appropriate bodies, such as the Trustees and the Church Council. The group – Jim Hurd, Trey McAlister, Emily Rainsford, Paul O’Rear, and Bill Stephens - will meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m., usually at the Montgomery Campus. Pastor Lindsey Kerr will also attend the meetings, and visitors are welcome.

A few examples of the potential issues for consideration are:

  • Do we need to update the existing master plan?  If it is still valid, what is the next step in growing the campus?  If the master plan needs to be updated, how should this move forward?  How can we best get community input?
  • How will we evaluate the property tax implications of projects proposed by outside groups? Should we have an existing policy that ensures that our exemption level is not impacted?
  • What are some possible uses for the two acre parcel on our western property line? Is it suitable for housing, and, if so, what type would meet the needs of both the Church and the community? Are there potential revenue opportunities?

The group plans to make regular progress reports to the Church Council, and will also post this information on the FUMC Web site.     

Webmaster Note: See Meeting Minutes for the progress reports