Stewardship Committee, April 5, 2017



Meeting Notes: April 5, 2017

Attending:         Blake Busick, Thomas Barnett, Mary Ellen Heising, Elizabeth Walton, Larry Wofford, Mike Ferrel, Jim Wieschendorff, Paul O’Rear,

Pastor Blake opened with a Devotional.  He thanked everyone for their participation and acknowledged that said his email to Marty Wait had unfortunately bounced back.  Everyone introduced themselves.

Blake suggested having meetings approach stewardship from both a theological base as well as a practical “nuts and bolts” base.  He has a DVD with a series of short talks about stewardship and generosity; the group watched the first presentation which had as main themes:

  • Generosity as a tool to do good in the world
  • When we believe in the abundance God gives us, we learn to reflect God through generosity
  • “The heart follows the money, not the other way around:
  • Everyone can be generous; we each have different gifts to offer
  • We are stewards of the Mission, not just funding, including people, ministries and our congregation.

The rest of the meeting was a sharing of thoughts and feelings on stewardship campaigns, what has worked and not worked, why people give and why they don’t.  Among various impressions voiced were:

  1. There is “campaign fatigue” when we have a Fall campaign followed up with a Spring campaign, interspersed with smaller requests for funds.
  2. Mary Ellen noted that when giving is done electronically the total collected increases.  Young people are more likely to give electronically than by check.  It also evens out the collections during the summer.
  3. We should use Biblical scriptures and bring them current in today’s world; make them relevant and show how giving ties back to the original lessons.
  4. With Quarterly Work Days or the equivalent, the congregation gains ownership in seeing that our physical assets are cared for.
  5. We have an aging congregation.  Jim asked what our congregation (and our finances) will look like in 10 to 15 years.  A serious problem coming at us in slow but steady motion.  He suggests rebalancing how we spend our resources.
  6. Jim talked about the Foundation as a permanent source of operational funding.  It is not currently set up to operate in this way but with enough capital given through gifts and estate planning, it could be.
  7. Our congregation is “islands of people”.  How can we unite them through common goals, a common Mission?
  8. We need to make the concept of service foremost in peoples’ minds by making it a rallying point.  We do “service” well, but we don’t communicate what we do very well.  It is important to keep our efforts and successes in front of the congregation so everyone stays glued to the Mission.  Celebrate service by having weekly 5-minute recaps of various ministries.

We did not get to the agenda item of looking at one-off fundraisers, but will cover this going forward.  Our next meeting will be Wednesday, May 3 at 6:00.

Pastor Blake closed with a prayer. 

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