Senior Ministries / iCare

iCare Ministry was created by Staff Parish Committee in 2015 when they merged Stephen Ministry, Senior Ministry Council and Parish Visitor programs. iCare works within the framework of the ministry of Jesus Christ to provide confidential care to those facing life’s spiritual, emotional and physical challenges. By providing church and community resources, the lay-led care teams respond to everyday needs of congregants through support by pastors and professional staff. Click to contact our Senior Pastor or our Associate Pastor


Federal privacy laws make it difficult for pastors to stay in touch with congregants who go to hospital and then are discharged to skilled nursing or rehab care. These laws prevent discharge destinations from being disclosed, so even when pastors want to be available, they may not be able to find congregants. Please notify the church office when you are in hospital and planning to transition to lower levels of care so we can stay in touch with you.


iCare Ministry

The iCare Partners form a team and provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to families with healthcare concerns. Partners are members of the congregation who volunteer to provide contact with a family in crisis at the request of that person or upon a pastor’s recommendation.


What does the iCare Team do?

A care team is a group of volunteer lay people providing help to a person or family requesting support, i.e., “care receivers”. They can be referred from the FUMC Caring Corner list, from requests made through the church office, referrals from pastors or emails from community members.

As a team, they commit their time and talent to meet with the care receiver, determine the kind of care that is needed and how to bring in the resources of other church members, whether it is making and delivering meals, providing rides, visits, sending cards, delivering prayer shawls or bringing in Holy Communion.

The duties of a care team are determined by the kinds of help the care receiver needs and is willing to accept as well as what the individual care team member is able to do.


How to Become an iCare Partner?

The iCare Partners meet monthly on first Monday when care needs of the congregation are reviewed. Progress of previous care receivers are discussed, along with recommendations for new issues that arise. Training for taking Holy Communion to individuals at home, hospital or facility, are provided. Contact Pat Sanborn for further information; request an application to become an iCare Partner.


How to Get on/off Caring Corner?

Caring Corner is printed weekly and included with the worship bulletin. Members or family of members wishing to be added or removed from the Caring Corner need to complete the Prayer Request card attached to the bottom of the Caring Corner list. To be added check the box to include on Caring Corner; to be deleted write a note on the Prayer Request care. Then detach and place in the plate when gifts are collected.  You may also call the church office by Monday afternoon, ask for your prayer to be included or removed for the following Sunday worship bulletin Caring Corner.


How to Receive Prayers Without Being on Caring Corner?

Prayer concerns for self, neighbors, non-members or non-family are created by Prayer Request cards, similar to the process mentioned above, except you make no request to be added to Caring Corner. These non-Caring Corner prayer requests are then sent via email to a list of over 50 Pray-Ors on a weekly basis.


Benefits of an iCare Ministry

An iCare Ministry extends better connection with the congregation and informs pastors of members who are being or in need of being contacted. Good things come both for the care partners and the care receivers, some are:

  • Helps the congregation feel better cared for and connected with others.
  • iCare partners share the care and get to know congregants and team members on a deeper level.
  • We often receive ‘thank you’ cards from people who are touched by care provided. Lena Rhodes provides a batch of cookies or fudge each time we bring her Holy Communion!


Senior Social Club

The Santa Rosa Senior Social Club meets Monday and Wednesday from 9:30am - 2pm in the Stony Point Ministry Center.  For more information please call  525-0143. This is not a drop in program.