Back to School Supplies for the Living Room

School begins again in August. Schools are expecting children to come prepared with backpacks filled with supplies, but some families just can’t afford them. The Outreach and Service Commission is once again sponsoring a SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE to collect backpacks and school supplies for the children in The Living Room -- the daytime drop-in center for homeless mothers and their children.

As you shop for school supplies for your own children, please pick up a few extras from the list below. Collection begins on July 2 and ends August 6 when we take the collections to The Living Room. Collection boxes are located at both Montgomery and Stony Point campuses. Won’t you help send a child back to school with a new backpack and a big smile?


backpacks, 30 small, for young children                                 backpacks, 30 sturdy large, for older students

washable markers,  broad & fine point                                    pocket folders,                                                                            

binder paper, with & without holes,                                          erasers, large & pencil cap

wide & narrow ruled 3-ring binders                                          small Kleenex packets

1" & 2" composition books                                                       small sized hand sanitizers

spiral notebooks                                                                      compasses

small notebooks                                                                      protractors

pads of lined writing paper                                                      washable glue

construction paper                                                                  rulers

 pencils                                                                                   scissors                                                                           

ballpoint pens                                                                         small dictionaries

colored pencils                                                                       stickers

 crayons                                                                                 coloring books