Neighborhood meeting, Nov 30, 2016

Wednesday November 30th Neighborhood Outreach Meeting (125 present)

Opening and Welcome Pastor Lindsey


 Tom Schwedhelm Vice Mayor

Jennielynn Holmes Catholic Charities

 David Gouin Santa Rosa City Director of Housing

John Creagan- SR Police

 Slide Show Presentation= Norm Hardin

Tom Schwedhelm

  • Really want to do this the right way.
  • What will make this work for you? How can this be a win, win?
  • State declared Housing First model is the solution.
  • CHAP is a promising practice for transition to housing.
  • Community wide issues need community wide support.

Jennielynn Holmes

  • Looking for creative ways to end Homelessness
  • Years of experience working with neighbors
  • All of us can be a part of the solution
  • Safe parking program led to 27 households finding housing
  • This pilot will be looking for people who are screened, accepted for housing vouchers with Catholic Charities working with them
  • Continued support through day and night
  • Let’s continue to have these kinds of conversations
  • How can we make this pilot program a success?
  • Last year Catholic Charities housed 600 people

David Gouin

  • CHAPP Safe Parking Program- FUMC first to be involved.
  • Additional  new CHAP programs- safe storage and safe camping

An honest and unrestrained conversation ensued.  Issues, concerns and questions covered the following topics:

  • safety for residents and school
  • use of city property as alternative
  • services available for transitional community residents
  • How can number be kept at 20?
  • Cooking, kitchen area, heat, pets
  • Drug testing
  • Gateway to homeless
  • Why state of emergency in city?
  • Screening process
  • Effect on property value?

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Wed, 11/30/2016 - 18:30