Homeless Ministries Task Force, November 16, 2016

Wednesday 16th 2016

 Homeless Ministry Task Force


Present: Doug, Mike, Paul, Richard, Bob, Shirley, Jennifer, Peg, John, Jennifer. Bill. Mary. Pastor Blake


November 9th Stony Point Neighbors

  • 40 present - need to keep connecting with neighbors. Reach out more.
  • Note: When Safe Parking started, we had less problems on property


November 12th Church Council

  • How we can we further reach out to those who have little information? Neighbors and church members who have not attended meetings or read handouts etc.
  • Use Q&A to address issues. 
  • Peg to follow up with Karen suggesting a special meeting.


November 14th Ruth Circle Meeting

  • Questions and concerns- Paul answered any logistical questions. 
  • Discussed project first then procedure.
  • Pastors to unpack why voting it not done for mission. Call out untruths.  Speak truth and love. Pastors Blake, Jim and Lindsey are ready to hear from folks.
  • Paul to write FAQ sheet. Include Google map, perhaps include Sharon Robison Important Points:  Transitional, 6 months, score, out of 20, 5-9 , supervision, sanitation
  • FAQ and map by Friday widely distributed to church folks, neighbors, and Roseleaf
  • Doug to get addresses and mail to neighbors.



  • Bruce Robinson interviewing HUTS group. From KRCB
  • Continue advocacy for low income and permanent housing
  • City Council Subcommittee on Homelessness Monday
  • RL Stephens tomorrow 3pm
  • 30th November Downtown Meeting


Coordinated In take meeting:  John and Shirley met Carissa White coordinator

  • How can we, (FUMC) help as volunteers?  Applicants signature on application gives ability to share information with all services.


$4,000 grant approved by FUMC Foundation. Yippee!

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Wed, 11/16/2016 - 13:30