Homeless Ministries Task Force, Nov 23, 2016

HMTF Wednesday 23rd November

Present: John, Doug, Bill, Jennie, Richard, Shirley, Bob, Peg, Mike


 R L Stevens School Teachers Meeting

  • Opportunity to talk, and ask questions. 
  • Showed care for children.
  • Crossing of field by children.
  • Supporters, looking at potential of teaching children. 
  • Follow up questions coming in to principal and office.


Sonoma County Housing for all Summit - Sonoma County

  • Data presented on health care outcomes on those experiencing homelessness.  Lack of housing huge impact on health. Money put aside for housing has lowered health costs.
  • Idea of cultural change/ changing the face of homelessness. Groups will continue to meet.


Homeless Task Force Sub Committee

  • $2,000 onetime start up for pilot to assist the establishment of a model.
  • What will success look like? What steps can the city make?
  • Provide a 'road' map' for others
  • Changes and improvements to guidelines
  • What are the day to day needs in the future?
  • Charity alone  does not solve the problem


  • Upcoming Summit  on Homeless Solutions. Jan 30/31st.
  • Are we managing homelessness or trying to solve it?


 Outreach to neighbors

  • letters sent out, and John left letters on doorsteps/ conversations with folks



 Santa parade 4:30-8pm Friday Homeless outreach with signs


Conversation with church member knowledgeable about neighbor relations (SAY)

  • Slow down
  • Start Small-  then add as we feel comfortable
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Strict rules
  • Curfew
  • Quiet
  • meet some potential residents
  • Interfaith alliance statement of support
  • Matt Martin director of SAY

Much discussion followed:

  • Start up size, most favored start small (up to 10)
  • Liked idea if Quarterly meetings starting 1 month after opening
  • Great need tofully address night time security from Jennielynn





  • notes from Bob
  • Important not to be involved in selection process
  • Operating hours - define hours Catholic Charities. Camp Host - night, Camp host tent.
  • Cost $175-$225 per year




  • Health Grant-working with Penny Hunt $400 plus
  • Methodist District grant $5,000 +
  • Redwood Empire REMM grant


Addressing the church concerns

  • Peg to follow up with her contact to reach those who are unconvinced
  • Perhaps small group sessions Sunday 11th December at 12.15


30th November Neighborhood  Meeting

  • Pastor Lindsey introduction
  • Small RL Stevens Slide show Doug
  • Tom Schwedhelm and Jennielynn Holmes
  • Refreshments S and B, Doug



January 8th All Church Meeting

January 14 Church Council

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Wed, 11/23/2016 - 13:30