Homeless Ministries Task Force, July 12, 2017

HMTF – July 12, 2017

Present: John Creager, Mike Ferrel, Peg Ferrel, Jennie Hartman, Diane Test

The group has a request from Mark Frey for a photo.  Too small a group was present to consider taking it today.

Diane reported she will have coffee with Brad Childs Friday to assess neighborhood interest in a late August “block party” as proposed by Pastor Blake.

Mike gave the HMTF report to Church Council last Saturday.  As it was the last agenda item, and it was after noon when it was presented, there was no discussion.  Mike emphasized that we are alive and well and continuing to work on both short and long term projects.

John reported on the city council meeting.  The city has announced a Homeless Encampment Cleanup Pilot Program.  The city considers Homeless Hill will be the first location, but have already started under the freeway overpasses.  The city also will have no support for safe parking.  A motion to study support failed 3-3 after Jack Tibbets recused himself from the discussion and vote.

Peg had information on Homeless Hill from “short Michael” who is a resident there.  He reported the residents have hauled away over 100 bags of trash.  Talking about the city’s concern over weeds and the potential fire danger, he said “We don’t have anything to deal with weeds.

Next meeting is in 2 weeks.

(Submitted by Mike Ferrel)

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Wed, 07/12/2017 - 13:30