Homeless Ministries Task Force, January 26, 2017

Homeless Ministries Task Force       January 26th 2017


Present: Doug, Peg, Mike, Shirley, Bob, Jennifer, Jenny H., John, Richard, Lindsey, Bill and Mary


***Received wonderful mail from children praising our efforts, to be posted on website.



 Mike Neil

  • County Program, ‘Sober Sonoma’ selects folks who have frequent emergency room visits, follow up until housed. Support for us

 Jillian Squirrell

  • Homeless with Pets –offers resources to ‘both ends of the leash’


Presentation to Wright District School Board


24 hour presence at all times by highly visible community host


  • Includes training (mental health training and Catholic Charities training available)
  • table for hospitality and to field questions
  • Call for back up when necessary
  • Reference Handbook available to direct folks to services
  • Participant sign in/ clip board 
  • Support volunteers/case worker sign in.
  • Locked gate
  • Security camera



  • Gives authority to remove participants either by FUMC or Catholic Charities.
  • Others outside community fence will be trespassing.


Background check- Richard to check in with Jennielynn

  • Catholic Charities - Sonoma Country Background check /convictions
  • Meghan's Law
  • Violent behavior



Outreach Group: Lindsey, John, Doug, Bob, Peg

  • Possibilities of both small meetings and large city wide led by city.
  • No dates set.



  • sent to John Degroot for signature


  • HUTS and Tents a possibility
  • Site could be slightly moved away from the fence

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Thu, 01/26/2017 - 11:00