Homeless Ministries Task Force, Feb 23, 2017

HMTF February 23rd.

Present: Doug, Peg. Mike, Bob, Shirley, Richard, Paul, Norm. Jennifer, Jennie H., John, Pastor Blake, Bill


 Meeting at Catholic charities

  • Present: Jack Tibbetts, Jennielynn Holmes and Tom Schwedhelm and 8 from HMTF
  • Ideas were shared from Homeless Summit and further conversations with presenter Iain DeJong
  • Ian DeJong will continue as a consultant to the City/ Catholic Charities
  • How does our project fit in to overall plan?
  •  Further discussion on Homeless First.
  • Three-way partnership discussed
  • Support for out project discussed -City and Catholic Charities continue support


Brainstorming Session followed:


  • Where we are and how we might move forward considering our new knowledge, insight and reflections
  • This topic will be continued next week.



Possible Pickets on Sunday - offer friendly witness Bob, Peg and Mike

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Thu, 02/23/2017 - 11:00