Homeless Ministries Task Force, Feb 16, 2017

February16th HMTF


Mike, Peg, Richard, Norm, Bob, Shirley, Doug, Mary, Bill,



Meeting with David Gouin, Jennielynn 

  • Coffee/Lunch conversation about next steps.
  • City and C.C. gathering thought as to how best to proceed.
  • Discussion related to Homeless Conference
  • Discussed HOST and Housing First Strategies
  • Scheduled next meeting


Homeless Sub Committee:  City Hall Bob, Shirley and Richard

  • Increased attendance.
  • Lots of supportive conversation.
  • Conversation with Tom and Jennielynn after meeting


Shirley Zane Conversation- Bob

  • County prospective on Homeless ness for Seniors


School Board Meeting tonight- Paul

  • Will present letter outlining  project on hold while all parties evaluate next steps


  • HMTF trying to help resolve issue for the trustees.
  •  Norm to relay our ideas and discussion to “Homeless Action”

(Adrienne, John and Harold) and “Task Force  for the Homeless”  (Heide)

  • Norm as Trustees rep to keep Trustees updated
  • Others at HMTF will reach out to the Catholic Charities, Harold for possible placement
  • Some of HMTF could help with transportation and man power


Upcoming Meetings

  • No City Council meeting on 21st.
  • Meeting at Family support center Feb 21st. 8:30
  • Next City Council meeting Feb. 28th
  • Homeless Sub Committee on March 20th


To Do:

  • Reach Out to Other Churches- Doug
  • Look for advocacy opportunities to promote Housing First. 

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Event Date: 

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 11:00