Homeless Ministries Task Force, December 7, 2016

Homeless Ministries Task Force Wednesday December 7th.

Present: Bob, Shirley, Bill, Jennifer, Mike, Doug, Peg, John, Jennie


Meeting Reports

Sunday with Julie Combs and Jennielynn Holmes support gathering.

  • Talked about a managed program for those experiencing homelessness, not asoup kitchen, tent city or encampment


Jim Leddy Conversation

  • County hoping our project will spur on others to do likewise. Affordable housing will be coming to Roseland Center. Very encouraging of our mission.

To Do:

  • Get MOU with Catholic Charities in place which will answer  many questions


Sunday 11th Church Meeting 12:15

  • Planning discussion
  • Opening remarks Pastor Blake
  • Introduce guests
  • Small table groups with HMTF as lead and notetaker.
  • Closing question at table then dismiss.


Other clarifying points:


  • Resident numbers: start 5 or 6, single women or couples as suggested by CC
  • Presence: A nonresident initially to be present 24 hours with ongoing evaluation of need. ‘Hospitality Table’
  • Support: 24-hour help line to CC.   H.O.S.T. Police support.
  • Lockable gate with key for residents to use, to provide privacy and personal security.
  • Partners, pets and property(3p’s) often not available at shelters- to discuss further.
  • Counseling Services- all support services will be personalized for need.
  • Residents will be required to bide by any rules and regulations.



  • Ongoing = less than $300 per year
  • CC will hold primary insurance - personal liability for all people related to camp.
  • Personal property optional ($200) for FUMC   but carries a$1000  deductible.
  • Electricity and water
  • Grants, donations and City funding


Good neighbors: cleanup 9 am End of Giffen

School RL Stevens 12/21 8:15 assembly

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Wed, 12/07/2016 - 13:30