Homeless Ministries Task Force, Dec 14, 2016

Wednesday December 14th HMTF gathering

Present: Norm, Richard, Jennifer, Bill, John, Jennifer, Shirley, Bob, Doug


Support from: Resurrection Parrish- Catholic Church

Good response to KSRO radio    - 220 hits on Facebook


Sunday  December 11th Gathering at FUMC (minutes posted)

  • good questions.
  • Guests Ka’ Lane Raposa, Jack Tibbetts and Julie Combs great addition
  • Small table format worked well


Ka'Lane  suggested:

  • Residents need self-esteem support and attention
  • Stories of real people powerful


Action Items:

*Fire Department:   Shirley and Bob contact Jack Tibbetts (Paul, Bob, Richard, Jack, Norm)

* Contact City Council-Need help with next steps in our outreach to neighbors. Shirley and Bob

* MOU Jennielynn Holmes Catholic Charities - Richard

* Rules Development- Norm, Peg

  • Letter of support / Faith group allies – John
  • Realtor conversation -Doug


City Council member Julie Combs wants to do small group meetings.

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Event Date: 

Wed, 12/14/2016 - 13:30