Homeless Ministries Task Force, Mar 2, 2017

HMTF March 2nd.


Doug, Norm, Bill, Shirley, Bill, Mike, Peg, Jennifer, John and Jennie H., Mary

Guests: Dwayne  Dewitt and David Harris


  • Use HUTS as guard shacks to protect property
  • Vets Connect meets at Vets building weekly
  • Vets don't always get full benefits.
  • Focus on Vets- perhaps social workers might be available.
  • Contact vets administration - Airport  Blvd


Chris Coursey - Bob and Shirley

  • Concerned about fast swift change of direction after the Homeless Summit.
  • Haven't even rolled out CHAP.
  • Full discussion on April 4th at City Council.
  • Some on council think need to change direction. Others  have varied opinions.
  • CHAP could be part of Housing First.
  • Admired our efforts and seemed very supportive. Sorry we have had backlash.


  • Bob talked with 2 neighbors

Where are we now?  Discussion followed covering all possibilities.

  • Group to work on immediate plans and a group will work on long range plans.

HMTF Communication Team will:

  • come up with talking points for partners, church community and wider community.


Up coming

  • Church Council 11th March
  • 20th MarchHomeless Subcommittee at City Chamber
  • April 4th City Council



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Thu, 03/02/2017 - 11:00