Homeless Ministries Transitional Community Proposal



First United Methodist Church (FUMC)

1551 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa, CA  95405

Transitional Community Proposal


FUMC Principal Goals:

  • Create a neatly organized community for up to 20 adult residents while they are transitioning to permanent housing.  This fenced community would use a portion of the FUMC Stony Point Campus property, (2150 Giffen Avenue, Santa Rosa 95403), and be run in partnership with Catholic Charities (The Operator).
  • This small community of residents will be allowed to stay on the property 24 hours each day and 365 days a year, with appropriate onsite cooking permitted.  This project could be aligned to leverage existing resources associated with the ‘Safe Parking Program.'
  • Participants will fully engage with a Coordinated Intake process and HOST, in alignment with the Housing First model.  Participants will be actively moving forward using their ‘Individual Opportunity Plans’ through Catholic Charities, and they will have case manager support.
  • After initial screening, Catholic Charities and FUMC will select prospective residents.
  • The community will comply with legal requirements, and be supported by a coalition of faith groups, various other civic organizations, and local governments,


Oversight and Management:

  • FUMC will create a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Catholic Charities, addressing issues such as liability, tenancy rights, personal responsibility, the qualifications for residency in the community, and termination options.
  • Representatives from FUMC, Catholic Charities, and residents (The Governing Body) would be responsible for enforcing policies.
  • Rules of conduct and site supervision plans will be created by FUMC in coordination with Catholic Charities.



  • FUMC will be responsible for costs of electricity, water, and initial legal expenses (regarding liability and tenancy issues).
  • Some site operating costs would be paid by others, including Catholic Charities, and might include sanitation, fencing, trash disposal, and shelter purchase.
  • Additional funding through grants and community outreach will be actively explored.

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Wed, 10/12/2016 - 13:30