FUMC Foundation, May 23, 2017


Quarterly Meeting- May 23, 2017

Place- First United Methodist Church, Santa Rosa, California, 5:00 PM

Board Members, present --- Larry Thompson, Arnie Hale, Paul O'Rear, Steve Zwick, Marty Wait, Jim Wieschendorff, Charlene Simons, Joyce Milks


Paul O'Rear opened the meeting at 5:00 p.m. with a prayer.

MINUTES: Minutes from February 21, 2017 were approved as submitted.

TREASURER' S REPORT: Marty Wait highlighted the information in the financial reports for the Board. The IRS form 990 has been filed. The authorized signatures on the bank account has been updated. A newsletter from Ludiana Medical School was shared with the board.

INVESTMENT REPORT: Steve Zwick reviewed the Investment Report. The first quarter 2017 was strong, but slightly below the bench mark.  The equity market internationally is posit ive.

GRANT REQUEST: The Scholarship applications were reviewed. Joyce to confirm additional information with Timoci N. All scholarships approved, $2,000 to 4 year students and $500 to the 2 year college students. The funds will be taken from the Scholarship fund, A.McDonald fund and the balance from the Education fund.

  MOTION  : made and seconded  to approve the scholarships.   The motion  passed unanimously,

with Joyce Milks abstaining.

GIFTS: 23 families are participating the in the Miracle of 1854. The Board discussed fund  raising.  It  was decided to take no action at this time.

WEBSITE: The Board is working on announcments, articles and stories for the website. Amie Hale has been instrumental in the communications effort. Testimonials -  Sara Hart regarding Bill and  Jean Hart and  Francis Spillane Cynthia Rohde' s  son.

The meeting was adjourned at 6. lOp.m.

Next meeting scheduled for August 15, 2017.  Rescheduled to August 22, 2017


Respectfully submitted, Joyce S. Milks, Secretary


Scholarships - 2017

Catherine Brunet

Danielle Cole

Brian Chandler Garrison

Melissa Milks

Timoci Nawaciono

Sarah Rafla-Yuan


Deanna Rafla-Yuan

Zoe Valrey

Roland Sheku Bockarie

Kelly Shanley Howson

Jodi Pasquini

Lucas Street

1st year at Oregon State Nutrition

3rd year University of Colorado Boulder International Affairs and Political Science

1st year at Menlo College Business management degree

2nd year at San Francisco State Teaching certificate secondary art

Liberty University Masters of Divinity

1st year at St. Mary's

Plans a business/psychology degree

2nd year USC Gould School of Law Law

1st year California State University, East Bay Pediatric nursing

1st year at Santa Rosa JC Interested in the medical field

2nd year at Community College of Denver Associates degree in nursing

2nd year at the Santa Rosa JC Child Development

2nd year at Santa Rosa JC Computer science



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