Disaster Response Ministry


•   for our people

•   for church facilities

•   for community

•   for others in our community and beyond


Disaster Response Ministry is a recognized function of the California-Nevada Annual Conference and the First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa, established to coordinate disaster-related ministry.  It is a way for each of us to use our strengths, talents and abilities to act out God’s love.

It is a caring ministry, caring for people in spiritual, emotional and physical ways; caring for our church facility as the physical center for worship and practice of reaching out to the vulnerable and the hurting; caring for communities by joining forces with governmental and interfaith organizations in response; and caring not only for “our own” but for others in the community and beyond.


The Goals of the Disaster Response


1. To provide pastoral care and support to disaster victims, from congregants to community members.

2. To make individual and family disaster planning and training available to the congregation and to our immediate community.

3. To identify and mitigate the risks from likely disasters.

4. To protect church property and ensure the continuation or quick resumption of worship services and ministry tasks.

5. To identify and organize resources, equipment, and facilities of the church, including its membership, that could be of benefit in the time of a disaster and recovery.

6. To plan ways to meet spiritual, emotional, and physical needs during and after a disaster, especially for those persons with special needs.

7. To offer a "ministry of presence" in the event of a disaster.

8. To create a Disaster Response Team to be used in the event of a local disaster.

9. To work cooperatively with the appropriate conference units, Sonoma County VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters), and local government agencies in the identification of, advocacy for, and assistance in disaster recovery.

10. To provide direct communication from the church to the district and/or conference and hence to the national offices of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) to obtain needed resources and assistance or to provide available resources and assistance to areas in need outside of the immediate community.


 Who we are and what we do

The Disaster Response Ministry (DRM) Committee is comprised of folks who, in addition to helping determine the over-all disaster ministry direction, serve as subject matter experts and advocates for particular functional areas, plus some “members-at-large.”  Initially, areas include the Volunteers In Mission Recovery Teams, Spiritual and Emotional Care, Medical and Health, Child Care including the church Child Care Center, the Physical Facility, Community Interaction and Communications.  As our work progresses, other functional areas may be added.