Butterfly Class (3/4 year olds/Pre-K)

The Butterfly class shares two adjoining rooms. One room is set up for dress-up, housekeeping and dramatic play, blocks, large manipulatives, and a sensory table. The other room is equipped for quieter pursuits such as reading, writing, computers, puzzles, small manipulatives, and a listening center where children can listen to books on tape. Both rooms are used for art projects, music, circle time, and morning snack.












Caterpillar Class (2 year olds)

The Caterpillar class has expanded to two classrooms with areas set up for housekeeping, dress-up and dramatic play, large and small manipulatives, a cozy book corner, and a sensory table. The children have music, art, circle time, morning snack and lunch in the rooms. The Caterpillar class has a changing table as well as a bathroom, so any 2 year old who is already potty trained or is in the process of potty training has facilities close at hand.





We are fortunate to have a large room to play in on rainy days. There is enough space to set out a variety of toys and activities. The children can run and get out their extra energy, shoot baskets, play ball, and climb on the climbing blocks. There are spots around the room set up for quieter activities as well, such as reading, coloring, doing puzzles, or playing house.

The gym is also used for special visitors and events, such as the fire department's fire safety demonstration, the Halloween parade, holiday parties, bike day, and the spaghetti dinner.




Play Yard

We have a large play yard with a climbing structure, a playhouse, two boats, a teeter-totter, a sandbox, and a bike area. There are tables in the yard that are used for small toys, art projects, lunch for the 4 year olds, and afternoon snack for everyone. Half of the yard is shaded by two large elm trees which provide a welcome refuge in the hot summer months and a cooler spot for water play. We also have a small garden area which is open for digging in the winter. In the spring the 3 year olds plant flowers and vegetables and in the summer and fall we all enjoy harvesting the produce. 

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