eScrip Signup

ESCRIP is a program supported by local merchants that donate a percentage of your purchases to a local charity (or charities) of your choice.  Currently Safeway, Olivers and Molesburys are grocery store participants.  Other merchants participate through online purchases, travel, restaurants, etc., when you register and use your credit card for purchases.  FUMC uses the money collected for local expenses and outreach.
Here's How it Works
You register any one or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the program by going to and clicking on "sign up".  
You must renew each year so check to see if a previous registration is current. 
 FUMC supporter ID# is 137318090.
You may also sign up in person by using the group sign up sheet available at the Fair Trade Coffee Table.
Participating merchants will make contributions to your chosen group, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards you have registered.
Your purchases are tracked and available to you online, allowing you to see just how much you are earning on your church's behalf!
Check online at or contact Diane Jackson for more information.