Adult Education

Adult Education seeks to foster learning, reflection, growth, belonging and faithful action in our church community as we reach up to God and reach out to all people in God's love. Adult Ed coordinates small groups, personal study, films, lectures, and sermon series around topics relevant to contemporary Christian faith and living.

Current Offerings:

Montgomery Campus

Adult Study Group: 9:10 am, Carriage House. All are welcome as we work through the New Testament in the order that the books were written, thus giving us insight into how the Church, and we, understand our God and our faith.

Adult Bible Study: Sunday, 11:00 am, Carriage House. Focuses on Biblical literacy through study of the scriptures and related topical studies, under the leadership of Norm Bryan.  All are welcome.

Stony Point Campus

Sunday Morning Bible Study: Sundays, 9:45am, Giffen House, Stony Point Campus. Led by Charles Rhodes.

Coffee House and Pub Theology

Thursdays, 7:30pm at Brew Coffee and Beer (555 Healdsburg Ave, Santa Rosa). Fridays, 11am at Aroma Roasters (95 Fifth Street, Santa Rosa).  All are welcome! Contact Charles Rhodes for more information.

Companions in Christ

Tuesdays, Chapel at the Montgomery Campus. This women's group meets to share discussion of group selected Bible themed study books.

Disciple Bible Study

Disciple Bible Study is an organized program that meets weekly to engage in Biblical reading group discussion. No previous background is needed. A study guide and video enhance understanding and guide discussions. More than 80% of the Bible will be read. All understandings are valid; part of Disciple’s richness in its spiritual journey is the diversity of the group in age, experience, and familiarity with scripture.
Call the church office for weekly meeting times.