Communities of Faith

May 5, 2016

Communities of Faith

There are so many opportunities to be involved in church life. Participating in Bible studies, fellowship groups or volunteering are ways to deepen your personal spirituality, and be in service to others. We are a large and diverse church family and we want to make sure we are connecting with everyone in our family in an intentional way, and so, as a way to live into our mission statement, we are committing to creating mid-sized groups called Communities of Faith.

There are twelve Communities of Faith – 8 newly formed groups to join the 4 established Cell groups in the Fijian Language Ministry. About 40 people have been meeting and training for their role as leaders, and they will be contacting you soon about your group assignment. Their training has equipped them lead their groups to:

  • Belong to Christ and each other. Social activities for fun and fellowship are an important part of nurturing a sense of belonging. Another is checking in with one another on a regular basis and celebrating our connection to each other through Christ.
  • Become more like Jesus as we meet together to grow in our love and faith. Small group discipleship opportunities and Bible studies are means to grow together in Christ.
  • Be with Jesus in the world. Equipping one another for mission and serving together are ways we follow Christ into the world and make a difference.

Take a look at the enclosed handout which may answer some of your questions, and we encourage you to fully participate in your group so that we might fulfill our mission to grow loving communities of faith centered on Jesus.


Pastor Blake                                                     Pastor Lindsey