Church Council, July 8, 2017

First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Paul O’Rear opened the meeting at 9:07a.m. He led the reading of our Mission and Oneness in Christ statement.

Norm Bryan offered the opening prayer.

Approval of Minutes
Norm Bryan motioned to approve minutes from May 13, 2017 meeting; Bob Cheal seconded. All in favor.

Stephen Ministries
Consensus was received, via email correspondence, approving expense to restore the Stephen Ministry program.

Finance Committee Report
We Love Our Ministries! Spring Campaign —— Update presented by Norm Bryan. Stated pledges have helped balance the Operating budget, while the Mortgage budget is at a deficit.

2017 Budget Recommendation —— Greg Roth spoke of the decline in overall church income.  Stated we need to raise $25,000. Greg provided three options to meet this need:
Cut spending by $25,000
Don’t worry about the deficit, just spend down savings
Cut spending by half and spend down savings by half

Much discussion ensued. Attendees stressed the importance of having a Cash Flow Statement and knowing what are the reserves; planning the budget for the next five to ten years; maintaining the ICare position; addressing how Stony Point campus can generate income; reviewing undesignated funds and how they can be applied to the deficit.

Mike Ferrel recommended that we adopt a plan that does not cut further spending. This motion was seconded by Norm Bryan. Objections were raised to spending down savings without further spending cuts. Pastor Lindsay proposed that $4000 be provided by Commissions. Pastor Sekove stated that the Fijian community will provide another $1000 per month from July through December. 

Recommendation was made to adopt the 2017 Budget Plan as follows:
$4000 to come from Commissions and Committees
$2500 to come from Operating Budget surplus
$3500 to come from leasing land to construction company for trailer on Stony Point property
$5000 to come from non-funding of Operating Reserves 
$6000 to come from Fijian congregation ($1000/month, July through December)
$4000 to come from Trustees or previous years’ budget surplus

MOTION: Consensus was reached to approve 2017 Budget as amended

Asset Task Force Update

Paul O’Rear provided an update on the feasibility study of utilizing the Stony Point property. In regards to building and renting out low income housing at Stony Point, several companies expressed interest in such a project. The challenge is in getting financing. The Task Force will talk to the City of Santa Rosa regarding obtaining money from the subsidy bond program.

The Task Force also discussed renting or selling other properties (eg. Susanna Wesley House), though there are many factors to consider in regards to selling property. Greg will talk to Heather Young to compile data about renting and/or selling parts of Stony Point property. And he will provide options and numbers on all assets at the September meeting.

Stewardship Committee Update
How to get a larger percentage of congregation to pledge? The Stewardship Committee is meeting regularly to address this.

Trustee Report
Bob Young presented report. He stated the construction trailer at Stony Point brings in $500 / month. Trash (discarded furniture) at Stony Point parking lot has been removed. Grounds maintenance (i.e. mowing weeds) will be done by volunteers; Bob Young offered to operate tractor once a month. Mouse in kitchen is gone. Carpets at Montgomery campus have been cleaned. Carpets at Stony Point will be cleaned next. Help with janitorial services is needed at Stony Point campus. A water line break at Stony Point garden is being repaired.

It was stressed that the cleanliness of Fellowship Hall be maintained for the preschool program. Bob Young will follow through on this.

Committee Report
Fijian Language Ministry
Lekima Banuve provided the report. He stated there are currently 178 members. The Sunday offering provides the main source of income for outreach programs. Lekima asked if the Fijian community can have use of the Montgomery facilities from 8:00p - 11:00p on Sundays for the Kava ceremony. Because this involves a narcotic, it will not be permitted on church property.

Mere Ponjiasi suggested that only Fijians who are FUMC members be allowed to book usage of the church facility. The rental agreement will be reviewed with Mary Brunet.

Spirit Cafe
An update of the Spirit Cafe Oversight Team was provided by Peg Ferrel. The main contact person is Doug Albertson. A manual is currently being written. The Spirit Cafe ministry has resulted in several positive effects: six attendees have joined the church in the last five years; there has been an increase of volunteers, including from neighbors; Redwood Empire Food Bank has offered to provide food at considerable savings. Shirley Cheal has written a grant to the City of Santa Rosa to fund the meals.

Homeless Ministries Task Force
Mike Ferrel provided an update on both the short and long term assistance FUMC can provide to support the City of Santa Rosa’s “Housing First” plan.

Other Business
Janitorial / Maintenance matters were discussed. The current employee from Manpower Agency will be gone by July 16. Manpower has been notified that we need a replacement. In the meantime, volunteers from the congregation have been asked to step in. The Fijian Youth Leader is prepared to provide maintenance.

An employee handbook has been written by Pamala Stephens. It will require review and approval.

Closing prayer offered by Pastor Sekove. Meeting adjourned at 12:13p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Sekara
Secretary, FUMC Church Council

Next Church Council meeting: Saturday, September 9, 2017, 9:00a.m.



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