Board of Trustees, Mar 27, 2017

Board of Trustees Minutes
March 27, 2017
Attending: John De Groot, Thomas Barnett, Bob Young, Darrell Jurling, Norm Hardin, Mary Brunett, Nate Barker
Apologies: Larry Schmidt, Uate Baleilevuka
Guests: Doug Albertson, Craig Thompson
Meeting called to order at 7:07. Opening prayer by Bob Young.
February 27 minutes approved previously via email.
Operations Report from Mary.
No Finance or Treasurer’s report this meeting.
Reviewed letter and heard presentation from Hospitality Committee proposing installation of a pole banner on Montgomery campus. Many options voiced and potential hazards were identified. Trustees are in favor of the committee continuing with their planning and look forward to a detailed proposal in the near future.
Old Business:
 The small HUTS have all been moved either to a useful or other storage location.
 Thomas will follow up with the Foundation about securing additional funding for the Montgomery refrigerator and freezer.
 Motion to begin the process of acquiring a new refrigerator and freezer with existing funds was unanimously approved.
 The contractor who damaged the septic tank at Stony Point was contacted and is still planning to correct the situation. No time frame was given as when the work will be done other than “the ground needs to be dry”.
 A community meeting with the City and our Montgomery neighbor(s) is to be held this Wednesday. John De Groot and Thomas Barnett plan to attend.
 Quotes have been requested for the additional liability insurance recommended by the Trustees. We will re-visit the potential of buying additional insurance when we have the quotes and based on the need.
 Norm Hardin cleaned out a majority of the Montgomery pew pen-holders. Most had items jammed into them and it is recommended the church not place removable pen tops in the pews.
 Trustees have not been able to coordinate a site visit to a Boys and Girls Club site. John is continuing to coordinate.
New Business:
 The Foundation provided a generous donation to the Trustees. John has sent a letter of thanks on behalf of the Trustees.
 The Giffen Rd widening project is nearly done. All that remains is the striping.
 Regarding facilities maintenance, the Trustees plan to re-inspect the cleaning contract with ABM and the current scheduling and use of in-house maintenance to ensure both are truly meeting the Church’s needs. Adjustments to both may be recommended.
 The Trustees will request from the congregation that a list of long-term maintenance needs be created to help plan costs better. Budgeting for expected repairs will help avoid last-minute emergencies as we’ve experienced in the past year.
 The Stony Point barn needs a major cleanup. The spaced reserved for Angel’s Attic is overflowing and unsafe to occupy. Rodents have accessed the barn and ruined boxes of paperwork. There are sensitive files kept there that should be in a more secure location.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05. Closing prayer by Thomas Barnett. Next meeting scheduled on April 24, 7pm.
Respectfully submitted by Nate Barker.

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Mon, 03/27/2017 - 19:00