Board of Trustees, July 31, 2017

Board of Trustees Minutes

July 31, 2017


Attending: Nate Barker, Thomas Barnett, Mary Brunet, Charlie Fields, Norm Hardin, Darrell Jurling, John De Groot, Bob Young, Larry Schmidt

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm. Opening prayer by Bob Young.


Operations Report: See attached. The following comments were presented:

Item 2, Norm in the report is Norm Bryan. Coral Saxe is organizing for Stony Point.
Item 5, Norm Hardin with investigate and correct.
Item 7, Mary is authorized to get quotes and review, but is authorized to make necessary repairs.


Treasurer's Report: Norm reported that there was no new action and no report other than the expected monthly payments were made.


Hospitality Committee Presentation: Doug Albertson and Craig Thompson presented a revised and expanded proposal for new lighting and a pole banner at the corner of Montgomery and California. After presentation, questions, and discussion the Trustees unanimously approve the proposal subject to the following: Project to be completed by September 15 in 2 phases per the proposed plan and subject to the availability of the electrician and volunteers. Mary will investigate the use of designated or undesignated Memorial funds as appropriate to provide the additional funding to complete the project. The Trustees contribution is not to exceed $1,200.


New Business: Based on discussion of the vandalism at Stony Point, Bob Young will investigate the options for installing security cameras around the property. In light of the difficulty responding to the vandalism, Norm observed the Church's "Emergency Action Plan" is probably not up-to-date. Trustees will review and provide updates. Four maintenance items were proposed as needing special attention before the rainy season: Clearing the gutters at both Montgomery and Stony Point, repainting sections of the Giffen House, repainting sections of various parts around Montgomery, and painting the barns/sheds at Stony Point to cover graffiti. To begin, Nate Barker will see if SCUMY is able to assist with any of these. A proposal has been made by VIDAS for leasing the Wesley House for their offices. This will be a significant change to the campus and the Trustees are interested in discussing the matter further. Significant discussion was made regarding alternative locations, District guidance and support, the Church's insurance coverage, cost of moving, and displacement of current uses. The Trustees will invite VIDAS to make a presentation at our next meeting.


Old Business: Bob Young and Thomas Barnett represented Trustees at the latest Church Council meeting. Church Council has requested additional from Trustees to shore-up budget shortfalls. After much discussion of the budget and the Trustees accounts, we approved by acclamation the following: The Trustees will cover a shortfall (if any) in the mortgage payments through 2017 not to exceed $6,000.  Some items are pending visits from vendors including: Thomas will schedule fence builders with Mary regarding the preschool fence, John will contact concrete vendors regarding the Montgomery sidewalks, Larry will contact electricians regarding the steeple lighting. Significant discussion of the Church's room use policies, procedures, and fee structure continues. Thomas has provided multiple excellent drafts of an updated policy for the Trustees to begin editing. The Trustees will obtain a current list of all room uses, fees, durations, and by whom. We will review these with comparisons to surrounding churches' policies and fees. A special meeting has been scheduled for August 9th at 1pm.


Meeting adjourned at 9:11pm. Closing prayer given by Norm Hardin. Next meeting is scheduled for August 28, 7pm. The

Respectfully submitted by Nate Barker




 DATE: July 28, 2017

TO: Board of Trustees

FROM: Mary Brunet, Church Business Administrator

RE: July Operations Reports

1. Corona Solar sent a technician to reset the inverter which was displaying an ERROR message. He was not sure what caused the error but both inverters are operating normally now. He also conducted their annual inspection of the systems and we receive a report in the mail regarding the inspection.


2. Volunteer crews have been organized and managed by Norm to cover custodial functions for Sunday and throughout the week. Many thanks to all the volunteers who have stepped up to keep the church in good working order.


3. The custodial job has been posted and will remain open until Thursday, Aug 3rd. Interviews will occur the following week and hopefully the position will be filled by mid-August.


4. Many thanks to Dave and Diane Jackson for their work to fashion 4 additional shelves in the Montgomery refrigerator. Using old parts from the previous unit and his welding skills, the job was completed at minimal cost.


5. A visual inspection noted that several emergency exit lights are not functioning.


6. Many thanks to Charles Rhodes for his work to clean up and enhance some of the landscaping at Stony Point. He replaced the water spigots by the play yard and removed some weathered landscape edging around on the south and east sides of the worship center.


7. Several security and vandalism cleanup activities occurred at the Stony Point campus, most notably two incidents where rocks were propelled through the glass doors of the worship center. One Thursday July 27th the upper panel of the center glass door to the worship center was smashed creating an approximately 6” hole, shattering the tempered glass. The rock rested on opposite side of the worship center after dinging the wall. There was an approximately 15ft wide swath which was sprayed with glass shards. The second, similar incident occurred Friday, July 28th smashing the upper panels of the left of center glass doors. Dave Jackson and Doug Albertson secured the panels with plywood and Norm Hardin headed a volunteer crew for the glass clean up. A police report has been filed and an insurance claim has been filed for the Friday night event. Estimates for the glass repair have been sought from Jack Smith Glass and the repair is estimated to occur in the next couple weeks.


Dave Jackson removed debris from the cottage that remained after the squatter was removed in the spring. He also painted over some spray paint graffiti that was on the cottage, barn and front of the tractor garage, but requested some help with the one remaining large spray paint graffiti located on the west wall of the tractor garage. He also noted that the water spigot by the barn had been turned on and left running and also that the electrical panels of both the Cottage and the Giffen House were opened and all the circuits shut off. Dave suggested small padlocks to secure the panel covers.


8. I spoke with the Engineer for the City who is working in the trailer on our property and she suggested that we secure the panels at the foundation of the cottage, because she suspects people are sleeping under the house. Dave Jackson will secure the panels and will also install keyed spigots on the water taps by the fence to deter unwanted usage. The engineer also let me know that work will intensify near our property in the next few weeks and that she will work to improve the temporary fencing and entrances by our property. She suggested that we might work together to install two posts and a chain/pad lock to secure the driveway to our property. It was recommended that we put up barriers (like small realtor signs that we already have) along the driveway entrance to our property on Giffen Ave. She has witnessed people cutting across our property to avoid traffic at the intersection of Stony Point and Giffen 

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