Board of Trustees, Feb 27, 2017

Board of Trustees Minutes

February 27, 2017


Attending:, Thomas Barnett, Mary Brunet, Charlie Fields, Norm Hardin, Nate Barker, John DeGroot, Bob Young, Larry Schmidt


Meeting called to order at 7:09. Opening prayer by Charlie. 



February 1 Special Meeting Minutes unanimously approved.


Operations Report: Attached and accepted with the following:

  • Trustees are interested in performing due-diligence of the carpet cleaning work. Mary will follow up with vendor (ABM).
  • Norm will execute cleaning and drilling the pew racks as needed.


Finance Report: Church council has asked for suggestions to deal with a $127,000 budget shortfall in 2017. Trustees will brainstorm what can be done with our portion of the budget and report back for the next Church Council meeting.


Treasurer's Report: Income and expenditures are as expected for January.


Old Business: 

  • HUTS: Two HUTS have been removed to unknown location. The rest remain. Room use agreement expired on January 31. Three extensions had previously been approved. Thomas will draft a letter (for email approval) requesting a meeting the "owners" to resolve the long-overdue relocation of the HUTS.
  • Unanimous acceptance of motion to review status of various Memorial Funds each year, likely September. Intention is to consolidate small balance funds and undesignated funds for greater usefulness. Notes for each Fund are included in PowerChurch when the account is setup but this additional information is not readily available. This makes understanding the meaning of each fund difficult. The following are specific instructions approved:
    • 3309-309 balance to be moved to Undesignated Memorials Fund.
    • 3343-343 balance to be moved to a Designated Fund for Chapel Refurbishment.
    • 3709-709, Inform Welcome Committee the balance of this fund is for their use.
    • 3721-721 to be merged into Fund 3722-722.
    • 3770-770, Inform Worship Commission the balance of this fund is for their use.
    • 3794-794, Inform Worship Commission the balance of this fund is for their use for enhancement of services at Stony Point.
    • 3791-791, balance to be moved to Undesignated Memorials Fund.
    • 3798-798, balance to be moved to Undesignated Memorials Fund.
    • 3800-700, balance to be moved to Undesignated Memorials Fund.
    • 3802-700, balance to be moved to Undesignated Memorials Fund.
    • 3804-700, balance to be moved to Undesignated Memorials Fund.
    • 3808-700, Inform Worship Commission the balance of this fund is for their use.
  • The septic tank at the Stony Point Cottage has not been dealt with despite a guarantee by the contractor who caused it damage. John will contact them for status update.
  • The Stony Point wood chipper has been fixed.
  • Thomas will participate in the Stony Point Study Group meetings as informal liason.
  • Our neighbor Mr. Miller has filed a complaint with SR City and a meeting has been proposed. Trustees are wary but willing to meet with Mr. Miller in good faith. We will also seek legal council (presumably with Richard Petersen-Jones) regarding FUMC's legal standing in the matter. Mary will communicate Trustees intention to Pastor Blake.
  • Thomas will follow up on the repair to the Preschool fence.


New Business: 

  • Montgomery Kitchen Fridge and Freezer have been repaired one last time. We do not expect them to last much longer. Trustees agree that of the current replacement quotes, the Traulsen equipment is our choice. John will research possibility of very-lightly-used equipment. Motion passed for Thomas to request $4000 from the Foundation to help with the cost. Motion also passed to replace either the fridge or freezer immediately if they should fail before other funding is secured.
  • Narthex window: Worship Committee must submit a plan for Trustees approval.
  • Exterior doors in Gallery 1551 do not close properly, Mary will resolve.
  • CAMAB display case plan is approved unanimously with following provisos:
    1. Trustees require a licensed electrician and can recommend one.
    2. Display will promote and focus on Creative Arts.
    3. Trustees require milestones and a timeline for completion.
  • B&GC proposal has been met with enthusiasm. A visit has been proposed to existing B&GC facilities, John will coordinate. Trustees recognized multiple possible conflicts with existing usage contracts at Stony Point. FUMC insurance will need to be reevaluated.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm. Closing prayer given by Bob. Next meeting is scheduled for March 27, 7pm.


Respectfully submitted by Nate Barker


Attachement Below:

DATE:              February 27, 2017


TO:                  Board of Trustees


FROM: Mary Brunet, Church Business Administrator


RE:                   February Operations Reports


Note: No January Operations report was filed.


The carpets in the Fellowship hall, main hallway and church offices were cleaned. Carpet cleaning for the

SP Worship center and Giffen House has been scheduled for early March. A request from the Worship Commission has been received to contract with ABM for a deep cleaning of the sanctuary before Easter. Work will include spot cleaning of the pew cushions, dusting, vacuuming and baseboard cleaning. 


Progress on the Giffen Ave. widening project and the Stony Point parking lot continue to be impacted during rainy weather. Sustained dry weather is required to complete the repaving and restriping (using existing striping pattern) of the parking lot. Slight modifications to the slope of the existing parking lot and gravel lot will divert water away. Punch list items on the Giffen Ave. section of the project will be completed at the same time as the parking lot work. George Kemmerer, the project manager is available for more information on this project.


Several lighting projects were completed including; four light fixtures replaced in the Caterpillar classroom (cost was split between the Preschool and the church), two ceiling light fixtures were replaced in the Susanna Wesley House (Pastor Sekove’s office and Children’s Ministry Office), additional lighting was installed to brighten the Hallway bathroom, and an external fixture was repaired at Stony Point.


Pastor Lindsey has relocated her office to share space with Pastor Blake in the church office. Pastor Sekove has settled in the Susanna Wesley office vacated by Pastor Lindsay, and Litia (Pastor Sekove’s wife) uses the volunteer desk/computer adjacent to his office. Ian Riggle facilitated the phone extension/email work from the resulting relocations. Some work remains to be completed with regard to the phone system. 


The heating element in the hot water heater at SP was replaced.


A significant blockage in the sewer line on the Montgomery campus was cleared and the function of the downstairs bathrooms was restored. 


The mailbox at Stony Point has been temporarily relocated so mail delivery can been received. 


A request from the Worship commission has been received to drill larger holes to accommodate bigger pens in the pew racks.



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