Street Requiem

“Street Requiem” Anchors Good Friday Observance

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The centerpiece of our solemn Good Friday observance (April 14, 2017) was a new choral and orchestral work called Street Requiem.  Composed by a trio of international musicians, the work premiered June 2014 in Melbourne, Australia, and over the past few years the growing number of performances have already had a major emotional impact on people around the world.

On Good Friday at FUMC, a 40-voice choir and 14-piece orchestra, conducted by Doug Albertson (FUMC Director of Creative Arts), provided the music for the 10 movements of Street Requiem.  This year our annual sacred observance of the crucifixion story interwove the Street Requiem music with words of assurance, prayers, and scriptures that reminded us of Christ’s death, as well as of people who’ve died homeless. Open to the public, the free-will offering of $1777 collected after the event benefited Spirit Café, which is our Tuesday night dinner outreach to people who are alone, poor, hungry, and/or experiencing homelessness.

According to its creators, Street Requiem was conceived with the aim of bringing peace and reconciliation to communities like ours struggling to come to terms with the complex social malady of homelessness.  It challenges listeners to do something about the situation of people suffering and dying on the street, in the shadows, or out of sight.  Though the tone of Street Requiem can often be confronting, it more importantly encourages people to examine their own attitudes and beliefs about people who are experiencing homelessness.

“As part of the human race, we must find compassion for those we never knew who’ve died senselessly while living on the street, whether they were young or old, in violence or in illness.  Through remembering them, we are reminded to value all life…lest we forget.”

− composers Kathleen McGuire, Andy Payne, and Jonathon Welch

for more information:

Doug Albertson
Director of Creative Arts
1st United Methodist Church
1551 Montgomery Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 545-3863

Event Date: 

Fri, 04/14/2017 - 19:30